My Thoughts On The Masey Cosmetics Makeup Brushes | Review

Australian Masey Cosmetics brushes review

Finding the best makeup brushes is never an easy feat - especially if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t afford the time to go in-store and test out high quality yet affordable makeup brushes. Like many of you hustlers out there, I understand how work, relationships and other important commitments can get in the way of finding time for yourself. Thanks to the Internet and online shopping, one of the many perks of living in today’s digital age is that we can save time and money through the swipe of a button! In today’s blogpost I will be reviewing and providing you with my honest opinion on the 8 makeup brushes sent to me from Masey Cosmetics.

Masey Cosmetics is an Australian online brand that offers quality makeup brushes without the premium price tag. Developed for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts (like me), they have handcrafted 21 durable makeup tools with high quality synthetic fibres, meaning;

  • You don’t have to worry a thing if you suffer from animal allergies

  • It’s easier to clean and won’t damage as easy as natural fibres (which means more bang for our buck)

  • Works well with both cream and powder products that blends flawlessly onto your skin

  • And of course, it’s kinder to our animals!

What did I receive? (All of these brushes are currently available for purchase on their website)


  • Flawless Face 16FF - For loose powders, bronzer, blush and highlight

  • Duo Fibre 12DF - To apply liquid and cream products on those hard to reach areas of your face

  • Point Foundation 12PF - For a flawless liquid and cream skin finish in hard to reach places of your face

  • Concealer 7C - To conceal any blemishes and discolouration on your face with precision


  • Eyebrow 5EB - To apply gel or powder products to fill in and shape your brows

  • Blending 7B - Blend your eyeshadow with this fluffy brush to finish your eye look

  • Eyeshadow 7ES - To apply eyeshadow and shading

  • Angled eyeshadow 7AS - Sweep or blend powder eyeshadow across the eye area. You can also create defined eye makeup looks with this perfectly angled brush.

Australian Masey Cosmetics makeup brushes review

So what are MY thoughts on the Masey brushes?

Upon receiving my 8 brushes, I was first taken aback by the gorgeous packaging! I can never pass up stunning beauty products so when I saw the luxurious brushes detailed with rose gold ferrule, I was immediately obsessed! As you can see, the brushes are all decent sized with long wooden handles which provides for the perfect grip and balance when applying products onto your skin. It’s the little details like these that make up (no pun intended) the high quality when it comes to finding the right beauty tools.

My everyday makeup routine consists of both liquid and powder and upon using the brushes, I found it pretty easy to blend my products onto my skin. I didn’t notice any streaking or patchiness and used the Point Foundation 12PF to target those hard to reach areas such as around my nose for a flawless foundation finish. But my favourite brush would have to be the Flawless Face 16FF! It’s the giant fluffy brush that is super soft and I couldn’t stop swiping it all over my face. As someone who has combination to oily skin, this is the perfect size to set my face with a translucent powder to control oiliness and set my makeup.

Moving onto eyes, my everyday makeup is pretty simple as I usually don’t have the luxury of taking my time in the morning. The Angled eyeshadow 7AS saved me so much time as it got into all the right crevices and allowed me to evenly apply my eye products. I also love blending brushes to quickly do the job and found the Blending 7B brush to do the trick!

All in all, the Masey Cosmetics brushes I received are definitely going into my monthly beauty finds! Whether you’re a make-up artist or a beauty fanatic like me, these tools are designed for professional and stunning results!

I love supporting local Australian made beauty products and Masey Cosmetics ticks all the boxes when it comes to high quality, affordability and animal cruelty free.

Australian Masey Cosmetics makeup brushes review

Check out their social media to keep up to date with their latest products and collections! They will also be at the 2019 Sydney Beauty Expo.