7 Must Visit Beaches in Australia

Apart from Australia’s delicious coffees, cuddly furry friends and scorching weather, we’re best known for our immaculate beaches! Surrounded by pristine waters and so many unspoiled hidden gems to choose from, Australia is home to some of the most popular beach destinations on the planet! In fact, our culture based around evening barbecues, bikinis and beach cricket is all thanks to the sun, sand and surf!

Now that its summer time here in Australia, I’ve rounded up a list of the most stunning hot spots to visit this season. So start ticking off your bucket list as you swim your way around 7 of our favourite must-visit beaches!

  1. Vaucluse Bay Beach

A family friendly beach that’s convenient to get to, this place is a popular tourist destination for a mini getaway. Take a dip in the shark-proof waters or bring your favourite book and lie on the clean sand and catch some of the sun’s rays.

Instagram: @stylesteph_

Instagram: @stylesteph_

2. Castle Rock Beach

If you’re looking for a more secluded beach, this is the one for you! It’s a gorgeous retreat hidden amongst the rocky shores of the Middle Harbour. It’s only accessible by walking so pack a picnic with your friends and loved ones and spend the day in the great outdoors!

Instagram: @  sara_fitch

Instagram: @sara_fitch

3. Bondi Beach

The list of must visit beaches in Australia cannot be complete without including our iconic Bondi Beach! The sweeping white sand and immaculate waves makes for a picturesque scene. Even if you’re not much of an outdoors person, there’s plenty of delicious cafes to try, surfers to spot and even breathtaking views to take in.

Instagram: @  pilateskylie

Instagram: @pilateskylie

4. Currumbin Beach

Located in a small town on the Southern Gold Coast, Currumbin Beach offers a protected and patrolled haven of cool waters for sports including surfing and paddle-boarding. If you’re particularly fond of catching a wave then head to Currumbin to practice your moves.

Instagram: @  arthurbeer4215

Instagram: @arthurbeer4215

5. West Beach Esperance

There’s nothing more therapeutic than being surrounded by the sound of the waves and the warm sand to accompany you. Located in Western Australia, this beach is home to a stunning coastline and clear seas; the perfect combination for a Summer trip.

Instagram: @  _johnson_maria_

Instagram: @_johnson_maria_

6. Middleton Beach Albany

The next time you’re in Western Australia, head out to the coastal suburb of Albany for a gorgeous day trip to their pristine Middleton Beach. Did you know this beach was named after Captain Middleton in 1934, an ancestor of Kate Middleton?

Instagram: @  soulfedonthread11

Instagram: @soulfedonthread11

7. Henley Beach South Australia

This beach is renowned for it’s mellow and seaside feel that promises a day filled with relaxation. A long stretch of sand and wavy waters draws paddle boarders, fishermen and families for a well rounded day of activities.

Instagram: @  emmakate_george

Instagram: @emmakate_george