Everyday (Real) Australian Summer Lookbook

Heading into the FINAL month of Summer, it’s hard to grasp in that we’ve almost reached the end of the hottest season of the year.

Although most of the world is currently experiencing cold and frosty weather conditions, here in Australia it’s been absolute bliss with longer days filled with sunshine, ice cream and picturesque sunsets.

I know there are a lot of lookbooks out on Youtube, but I decided to show you what I REALLY wear because let’s face it, none of us have those days where we get glammed up in cocktail dresses and heels everyday right?!

My style is very effortless and minimalist whilst also incorporating my favourite current trends which are stripes and polka dots.

Here is a run-down of my REAL everyday outfits of the week that are all screenshots from the YOUTUBE video (Link will be at the end of the video)