5 Quick Tips On How To Have The Best Morning Routine


If the morning hours aren't your favourite time of day and you constantly struggle to wake up, then you will find this blogpost to be super helpful in how to quickly turn things around and have the best morning routine! 

The early hours of the day are said to be the best time in terms of functioning, being productive and (when done right), improving our overall mood. Whether you have to wake up early for school or work, or just want to learn how to become efficient at being an early riser, here are 5 quick tips on how to start the day right.

Stretch It Out

Although physical activity of any kind may seem the last thing to do as soon as you open your eyes, trust me, it really does help with feeling more energised. Whether it's a quick stretch (e.g. a downward dog) or a complete gym workout, once you've got your heart pumping you will feel amazing not only physically but also mentally. Getting my exercises down in the morning rather than in the evening helped me feel productive and I surprisingly wanted to do more in my day to day activities. And also, once you get used to it, it becomes a part of your everyday habits and you'll slowly look forward to your early morning physical activities. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and staying hydrated is a MUST for any part of the day but in particular as soon as you wake up. A lot of that groggy feeling is constituted by your body feeling dehydrated because, let's face it, you haven't had any liquid restored back into you for at least 6 hours! Water doesn't have to be boring so add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or berries or even a quick cup of chamomile tea to get the day started. 

Fuel Your Body

You've heard it before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we always find that we're running out of time to prepare a meal, sit down, and eat it. What I normally do when I have to wake up early and go is pack fruit with me and eat it during my commute or, if I really don't feel like eating anything, coffee is the way to go. 

Be Inspired 

This one is a great tip that I've come to practice almost everyday and it is to be inspired by listening to good quality content. Whether it's reading the news or articles or listening to podcasts, by soaking in that information during the early hours once you wake up, makes you feel motivated and inspired to get on with your day. I love listening to empowerment podcasts from successful people my age on Spotify and I also find that I retain so much more of the information as opposed to listening to a podcast late at night. 

Be In Bed By 11pm

A simple no brainer, if you go to sleep on time, you'll wake up early without feeling disgruntled and lazy. It also helps if you switch off your lights in your room and dim your technology to help your brain slowly relax and fall asleep by the scheduled time. 

What tips do you have for having the best morning routine?

Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to know how you start your day and I might incorporate it into my morning as well!