3 Affordable and Trendy Outfit Ideas

When it comes to fashion, there's nothing more freeing than putting together an outfit that dictates your self-expression and style. From my 4 years (and counting) of university life, I have experimented and developed my sense of fashion and discovered that you don't necessarily need to spend a ton of money on clothes. And even though we wish we had a bank account that could afford the luxuries of those Insta-celeb models, I'm going to show you the do's (and don'ts) to pull off a trendy look. 

In this blogpost, I am going to share a few of my favourite outfit ideas that I have put together that are trendy yet affordable! 

Off the shoulder

Off the shoulder tops are flattering on almost any body shape, and come in so many designs and patterns that you're bound to find one that you'll fall in love with! Whether you're into ruffles, buttons or want to embody style icon, Olivia Palermo, exposed shoulders will elevate any look and is so versatile to pair with. 

Whether I'm off to a brunch date, a PR event or simply want to dress up on the weekends, my go-to tops will always be off the shoulder ones. I love pairing them with accessories as it changes the whole vibe of my outfit. If I'm into the whole street-style edgy look I'll pair it with large hoop earrings and a choker, or if I'm lusting for a romantic and sultry look I will go with a dainty necklace and a rose gold statement watch. 

In this outfit, I am wearing a wrap fringe off the shoulder top with faux leather leggings to balance the softness of the top for a more casual look. Stick with black and whites as essential clothing items so you can dress it up or down and get more wear in them! 



Wearing Tobi Clothing 

Wearing Tobi Clothing 

Off The Shoulder trend

Pop Of Colours

Up until very recently, the only colours you would see me wear would be blacks, whites and neutral colours. However, incorporating a pop of colour will not only make you stand out from the crowd but it also looks like you've spent that extra time and effort in piecing together your outfit. It can be as simple as an oversized jumper paired with leggings and sneakers. If you're still worried about whether you're confident enough to pull off a bright colour, try first experimenting with paler colours such as peach or a coral red. 

For this outfit, I have styled a bright red, oversized jumper with black leggings. It's my go to uni outfit as it takes 0% of effort not to mention it's super comfy and practical when I'm heaped over behind my laptop working on essays all day. 


oversized red jumper
oversized red jumper

Another popular and trending look is lace! Lace is such an underrated detail in fashion that most people tend to overlook it. Again, looking good without spending an excessive amount of money means focusing on the details in your outfit. This is a trend that I have seen all over runways and street-style fashion and is another versatile one! One of my favourite looks is lace dresses on the side as it flatters your body shape, highlighting your curves without making the dress look too basic. 


Lace bodycon dress
Lace bodycon dress

Let me know YOUR favourite fashion trend in the comments below!

Steph x