The Broke Girl's Guide to Self Care (According to Pinterest)

When it comes to self-care, the first images you’ve conjured are probably images of luxe candles, organic facials or an evening filled with macarons and champagne. Well that’s what came up when I typed in ‘guide to self-care’ on Pinterest! Self-care isn’t self-absorbed and shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and glamorous (although let’s be honest, nowadays it seems as though the ONLY people who have time for these elaborate indulgences are reality stars). Instead, we should think about self-care as self-appreciation and the importance of focusing on our health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

I’ve created this ultimate guide to self-care checklist to serve as both a reminder and a source of inspiration on how to detox your mind and body and take a breather.

1.     Get your creative juices flowing with a good cup of tea


The ultimate guide to self care

Nothing says self-care more than a delicious brew of herbal tea! This tip is perfect for those who are constantly on the go and don’t have the luxury of too many free hours during the day. Get your creative juices flowing by making a strong cup of tea for that instant stress reliever. If you’re having a tiresome day or feeling anxious, try using peppermint, chamomile and jasmine leaves.

2.     D.I.Y facials using exotic ingredients

The ultimate guide to self care

Pinterest is all over home made DIY facials and scrubs, and there are so many options to suit your needs. Spice up your facials (literally) by incorporating more exciting ingredients such as papaya or pineapple for radiant skin. Sit back with a good book or Netflix and let your pores soak up all that natural goodness!

3.     Treat yourself to a stay-cation

The ultimate guide to self care

Can’t afford a vacation? The next best thing is (obviously) a stay-cation! They’re a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of your personal life without the hassle of costly plane tickets, long immigration lines and claustrophobic airports. Check out local boutique hotels near your area or even drive down to a rural retreat for a change of scenery. 

4.     Let it all out in a gratitude journal

The ultimate guide to self care

When I was younger I would always keep a diary and recount everything from my daily activities to petty school drama and future goals. It was a great way to let out all my thoughts and emotions and to look back and reminisce on my childhood. Whilst scrolling through Pinterest, there were a couple of gorgeous flat-lays with journals sprawled out, which brings me to my next tip on the ultimate self-care guide; a gratitude journal. Dedicate a day of the week where you wake up and swap your phone for your gratitude journal, where you write all the things you’re grateful for. It’s an easy way to refocus on the important things in life and give you a humbler outlook.

5.     Step up your bath game

The ultimate guide to self care

It isn’t a complete guide to self-care without a relaxing bath filled with bubbles, scented candles and relaxing tunes. Wind down a busy week with a bath filled with your favourite scented bath bombs or bath soaks and try to clear your mind from all the activities of the day. Try using Epsom salt baths to ease tense muscles and loosen stiff joints.

What’s your ultimate guide to self-care? I would love to hear your thoughts of what you practice or what your favourite tip from this article?