Everyday FLAWLESS Skincare Routine

glowing skincare products

When it comes to taking care of your skin and what products to use that’s right for your skin, the list is endless. From moisturisers to serums, antioxidant oils and toners, selecting the right ones and figuring out what ingredients work best can be daunting at best.

For today’s post I wanted to share my everyday skincare routine because I get quite a few comments on my social media complimenting and asking what products I apply onto my skin. For the past few months, I have adopted a new skincare regime that has worked brilliantly and I have definitely seen an improvement and difference in my skin.

One of my biggest tips when it comes to how to achieve flawless looking skin is quality over quantity and using as much natural and organic ingredients as possible.  Since switching to organic skincare, my skin has never looked and felt smoother and the results shown were instant! Your skin is your largest organ of your body so it’s super important that you allow your face to breathe without clogging your pores with chemicals.

With that being said, here is a rundown of my everyday skincare routine to achieving flawless skin:

flawless skincare routine

Face wash: The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic lava


The Face Shop

This face wash is amazing if you have combination/oily skin that deeply cleans your pores without being too harsh. Containing volcanic ash from Jeju Island, this natural ingredient targets sebum whilst retaining hydration.



Toner: T N Dickinsons Witch Hazel toner

witch hazel toner

One of my must have products that I recommend to anyone and everyone is witch hazel toner. It is seriously a game changer and of course 100% natural. Extracts of the witch hazel plant will help smooth and tighten pores, leaving you with instant softer skin. I find that it also helps with oil control and whenever I apply makeup after, it lasts longer and I don’t break out as often as I do when I have to wear makeup for extended periods of time. It also can be used as after-shave for a refreshing splash.


dewy skin routine


Moisturiser: Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream


Winner of the Natural Health International Beauty Awards, and rightly so, this is a New Zealand organic and natural moisturiser that contains so many wonderful ingredients. It contains Manuka honey for moisturising benefits and rosehip and antioxidant to prevent breakouts. During the wintertime, I apply it both in the morning and at night but as the days get warmer, I only use a small dab in the morning.

Eye cream: Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream


As you can probably tell, Antipodes is my favourite skincare brand so it’s no surprise that my eye cream is also from the same company. One thing I struggle with is eye-bags because I wear glasses and contacts every day and being a university student as well as balancing freelance and part time work, my eyes are always glued to a laptop or mobile. It’s never too early to use anti-wrinkle products and prevention is essential which is why I apply an eye cream in the morning and night to take care of my under eye area.


Face masks: Glam Glow Super Mud clearing treatment

glam glow

When it comes to face masks, I have to be quite honest and admit that I am super inconsistent and by the time I do remember to use face masks, they’re either dried up or expired. However, when I do use them, I love Mecca's Glam Glow’s super mud clearing treatment. The whole range is dermatologically proven with new technologies to pamper your skin. The mud clearing treatment is amazing at deeply cleaning pores and skin problems. If you have dry skin, I would recommend the hydrating mask as I gifted it to my mum last Christmas and she is so pedantic when it comes to beauty products and only had positive things to say about it.


What are your skincare products and what has or hasn’t worked for you? Leave a comment below because I love hearing your thoughts and recommendations!

Steph x