How To Get a Job In Makeup | My MECCA Experience

One of my most exciting Summer jobs as an undergraduate student was landing a job at Australia’s makeup haven - Mecca Maxima. For those of you who aren’t familiar or not from Australia, Mecca is the equivalent of the US Sephora. They have a whole range of amazing brands including Urban Decay, Too Faced, Bobbi Brown and more. Thinking back to those times I decided to dedicate a blog post on my tips on how to get a job in the makeup industry, the interview process and my overall experience.

The Interview Process:

how to get a job in makeup

Like many job interviews, the whole process is long and consists of various steps to ensure that they find the ‘right’ candidate for the role. You might be thinking that if you don’t have a qualified makeup certificate then you’re unlikely to be chosen. However, that isn’t the case (well not for Mecca anyways). Previous to my Mecca job, I worked as a sales and beauty consultant for Benefit in a large department store in Sydney’s CBD. I had experience selling makeup products to customers and knowledge of the basic applications including how to colour match foundation and apply products. The first interview is over the phone where they go through your work experience. As long as you’ve had retail experience and show a genuine interest in beauty and makeup, you are highly likely to pass the first stage.

The next step is a group interview where all the candidates are placed in a large hall and you answer questions from different panels from Mecca staff. This tests your confidence, your ability to engage and interact in a public environment and of course, to display your wonderful makeup talent. The questions are completely random such as ‘What 3 items would you bring to an island?’ so you know that they don’t care so much for the answers but the way you conduct yourself.

Finally, if you’ve passed this round you are called into their head office for the official interview with a member from the headquarters of Mecca. Dress to impress and make sure you look clean and polished! This final round is where you re-establish your experience and skills and sell yourself. I remember feeling super nervous sitting amongst the other girls who had flawless makeup and thinking to myself ‘who am I kidding… how can I compare to them?’ However, if you stay confident and show the interviewer how much of an asset you will be for Mecca, they will remember you.


  • The Christmas period is where the makeup retail giants are looking for applications to join the team so get your resume in early.

  • Being over dressed is much better than being under dressed. Show off your makeup skills and do something bold. First impressions matter!

  • If you stutter or get nervous, laugh it off. The main thing that the interviewers are looking at is your personality… at the end of the day your role is to sell makeup and beauty products so you’ll need to exude confidence and passion.

  • Another way to stand out is to show off your skill set via your social media profiles. And please make sure you don’t have anything embarrassing shared publicly!

My work experience:

how to get a job in makeup

One of the best things about my whole experience (aside from having a massive discount on my favourite brands) was learning about skincare, makeup and fragrance. All team members have to go through a 5 day compulsory and paid learning session where you learn about what ingredients work best for skin types, how to apply products and more.

I also loved being on the floor and talking and interacting to customers. Although I don’t consider myself too much of an extrovert, sharing my interest of makeup and teaching people who don’t share my knowledge of beauty was super rewarding and helped boost my confidence levels. I remember showing a girl how to perfect a winged eyeliner after she complimented me on my makeup and as she left, thanked me and said ‘This is a skill I will have for life!’

Of course, being in a busy and all girls environment can unfortunately have its disadvantages with pettiness so try not to get too involved.


  • Come to work at least 5 minutes early so you have enough time to sort your uniform, find your makeup belt and touch up your makeup

  • When you’re on the floor, be proactive and don’t wait for your manager to tell you what to do. If you see a customer looking confused, approach them or simply smile and greet them.

  • If you do get involved in petty work drama remember that it’s only work and not your whole life.

  • Never show up with no makeup or, if you really don’t have the time - apply a bold lipstick. Managers absolutely HATE IT when girls turn up to work with a bare face.

Let me know if you found any of these tips helpful and if you would like me to do a more in-depth blog post! Thanks for reading! x