Simple Tips On How To Get More Out Of Each Day

Simple Tips On How To Get More Out Of Each Day

I am a to do list addict! Ok was - I am in recovery.

Put your hand up if you feel like the never ending to-do list is a daily struggle?

I hear ya! I’m a planner but no matter how I strived to get on top of everything I had to get done, I would always fall short! Until I figured out the 3 steps that saved my endless list making. I am now able to find the time I had been missing and truly manage the hours of my day -  to get the things that mattered done! Here’s how:


How to get more out of each day

I really took a good look at my to do list and the time I was spending on it. What was on my to do list? Was it actually what was important to me or endless errands and obligations that left me feeling empty at the end of the day? Once I really realized what my priorities were -  more time to take care of myself, more quality time with the ones I love and more fun! Then I could make sure my to do list and my time reflected that. A big secret, I actually added self care and fun to my to do list. So I made it just as important as going to the grocery store etc. I added taking a bath, reading and date nights to my to do list to make sure they got just as much of a priority as the rest of my tasks.


Time Wasters

How to get more out of each day

Then I took another look at my schedule for any and all time wasters. This included spending my time doing things that either wasted my time, gave my life no value or I did out of obligation and guilt. For me, scrolling can be a big time waste and can feed into my procrastinating on tasks I’m not to keen on ie. cleaning. I also used to be a ‘yes’ person, feeling like I had to say yes to every social invitation or volunteer opportunity, to present in a certain way. Cut to today and whats most important is that I live my life authentically doing what matters to me not to others. Not over-scheduling, wasting time and just saying ‘no’ sometimes, has really given me more time in my day, week, month.



How to get more out of each day

Now that you’ve figured out your priorities and reflected them in your schedule and gotten rid of those time wasters you should be finding more time in your days. Now make time to plan your days ahead of time to give yourself structure and guidance so time doesn’t go unused. Take a Friday afternoon or a Sunday evening to plan out and write out your week – look over appointments, tasks, projects, social events. Write them out so you can see them visually. Then each morning choose 3 task to focus on for the day. Start simple and don’t forget to celebrate what you get done and not focus on what didn’t.


There IS more time in your day. I know it may feel like there isn’t but it’s there. We just have to take a real honest look at how we are spending our time and what we can add in and take out to better use our time to live the lives we’ve always wanted. Take control of that to do list, your time and your life and don’t let it control you.



Theresa Martinez is a busy mama to 4 kids, a writer, baker and empowerment coach to help women take care of themselves and manage their time. She’s also the the founder of the Facebook group - Transparency Come as You Are, a supportive space for real women who share info, tips and encouragement. You can find her social media and contact details below:



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