Best Perfume Brands for the Modern Woman

As Christopher Pointdexter once said - Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance - I believe it’s true. I have felt that fragrance is closely entangled with memories, it can remind you of a special day, a special moment or a special someone. So, choose a smell that makes the moment dreamy and worth remembering. Here are some of my personal favourite picks that are simply worth a buy:

Best perfume brands for the modern woman

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

This is one irresistible smell that is a rage among women. The quietness of licorice, neutral almonds, and middle notes of flowers are mixed with vanilla and tonka bean at the base. Creating an amalgamation that lasts forever, this smell will surely play an important role in bringing out the romantic in you.

Happy by Clinique

A fresh and sparkling scent full of warmth, love, life, and laughter for a contemporary woman, this daring floral scent of Happy by Clinique is perfectly balanced by fruity notes in the top, powdery in the middle with an edgy and bold feel at the base. This fragrance provides an experience which is avid and unforgettable, available to help you relive your moments that have left a sweet touch on your soul.

Chanel No. 5

Best perfume brands for the modern woman

Women love to pass this on as a legacy, Chanel No. 5, opens with a fruity blast and develops into the powerful floral heart and settles with a woody base. The fragrance adorns you just like a piece of jewellery. Ernest Beaux is the nose behind this aroma that arouses feelings of excitement in every aspect of your life.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Breezy and sparkling, this smell of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is my personal favourite, it simply rejuvenates your olfactory organs. The fruity notes introduce you to freshness and then unfolds the harmony of bamboo, rose and jasmine. With a floral, fruity character and musk at the base, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue should be the perfect choice for summer brides.

Darling by Kylie Minogue

One bottle that you will always find in my closet, is Darling by Kylie Minogue. The gorgeous multi-talented lady launched this perfume that will take you to a magical tour. It has an intense aroma that is impeccably soft and yet infused with rich, delicate fresh notes.

Givenchy Play For Her Intense Eau De Parfum

For girls with sparkling eyes, fearless attitudes and an aura that make heads turn, Givenchy Play For Her Intense Eau De Parfum brings a mischievous amalgamation of flowery notes with a fruity punch that sparkles with irresistible energy. Turn on the heat with just a spritz of this perfume and you surely will rule.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum

Presented in a uniquely designed bottle, I can go for the perfume just for the sake of its design. A fragrance that is sensual and powerful, it is an audacious blend of bold and soft elements. For the good woman who loves her good side and celebrates her personality, for the city girl who is daring, it is a unique result of various minds. GOOD GIRL shows the world what the power of femininity looks like.

Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive Eau De Toilette Spray For Women

For the nights that are filled with silent promises of love, Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive is another perfume that we might categorize as the unsung hero. Davidoff Cool Water Blue is one timeless smell that is always a repeat product in the closets of people who are classy. This scent will drone your man in your embrace and succumb to the power of your scent.

Tips to buying the best perfumes:

Best perfume brands for the modern woman

Just having the names of the best celebrated perfumes is not enough, let me share some important points that will act as a buying guide for you.

Too Cheap? Do not buy it!

I have already mentioned that perfumes can be easily duped. If you find it at a very cheap price, you should be sensible enough to understand that it is a fake product.

Don’t buy it from just anywhere

Perfumes are close to your heart and should be bought only from authorised and licensed retailers, the ones who clearly state this.

Match the serial number

These are the control numbers and batch number, which is also known as the serial number. These numbers, the serial number and the control number should always match. They are present at two places, on the bottle and on the box.

Quality of Package

Do not go for the packaging, if its looks bright from the outside, it not necessarily be an original one. Note the thickness of the package, clarity and overall quality of it. Brittle or cloudy cellophane package is a red flag.

Spelling Error

Any brand with a spelling mistake or print error is clearly a fake. I don’t think any fashionable woman needs to be told this but just to be on the safe side.

Color Testing

Genuine and real fragrances are never murky or cloudy. If you happen to find sediments or particles in the bottle, it’s a fake. Run!!

Falcone Test

One reason I want people to buy it from the store is to be able to touch the bottle. Always examine the quality of the fragrance flacon. Check for its thickness, clarity, scratches if any, air bubbles or discolouration. The best way to check the perfume is by shaking it. If you find there are bubbles that stay, it is a fake one.

Now that you have the names with you, do not wait anymore but don’t even buy it from any other website. Perfumes are best when bought from the store itself, there are chances of online portals selling fake products.

Never dream of leaving home without your favourite perfume. Because, of course, you can’t leave your charm and sensuality behind.

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