5 Thoughts You'll Have When You Want To Leave Your Job

Are you dreading waking up every morning because of your job?

Losing interest in your work routine and feeling de-motivated with your life?

It’s probably time to rethink your current career. However, it’s not as contentious as it seems. In today’s digital era, there are plenty of opportunities to flourish and find yourself. It might not be as simple as not loving what you do, it can also include times where your current job is limiting your career journey and preventing you from achieving more than what you’re capable of. And more often than not, you will discover new talents and abilities that you wouldn’t have realised at your old job.

Whatever the reason may be, here are 5 thoughts you’ll have when you want to leave your job, as well as advice on how to get through the daunting situation as you pave your new journey:

  1. Monday is your least favourite day of the week

Hating Mondays is seriously overrated. It’s the beginning of a new week which means a fresh start to slay those goals and be productive! However, if you’re feeling in a slump because of your current work, Mondays are often known as the beginning of a torturous week of endless pain.

You will also feel as though the weekdays seem to go on forever, and the weekend can’t come quick enough. Rather than looking forward to those 2 days of rest, why not be in a position where you wake up every morning feeling excited and inspired?

Don’t be in denial with your feelings and listen to your emotions and your gut instinct. Stress and unhappiness can take a serious toll on your body and physical well-being. And remember, you always have a decision in your own matters so take responsibility for your life.

2. I would rather work alone than with my co-workers and boss

If you’re having these thoughts during your time at work, then it’s time to consider your next position ASAP. Toxic work environments take a huge toll on your health, and can lead to fatigue, job burnout and depression. Whether you’re having difficulty communicating with your team, or there’s constant drama and negativity, it’s time to pack your bags and never look back!

Having these thoughts will actually help your transition to a new job that much easier as it means that you won’t endeavour the emotions of sadness and guilt when it’s time to leave. However, it’s important to always remain professional as you never know who you might run into later in your future career. You don’t want to stain your reputation or give petty individuals reasons to.

3. I feel like I’m wasting my skills and talents

This is a biggie and was one of the main reasons why I left my position at a renowned media company when I was studying my Bachelor’s of Journalism. At times, you will feel as though you are not putting your skills and talents to good use and you’re spending the majority of time performing menial, mindless tasks. However, there is a difference between being productive and being taken for granted. Understandably, you will have to sort out boring assignments such as colour coordinating files and printing out papers, but if that’s the ONLY thing you’re doing then maybe you should rethink your position.

4. You’re not as excited as you once were when you first started

At the end of the day, reflect on how your job makes you feel. Does it inspire you to work harder and achieve more? Do you feel excited at the thought of your next project and assignment? Are you learning and contributing to your sense of self-worth?

You might be afraid to make the bold move to do something different, but once you do, it will be worthwhile! You are dedicating the majority of hours and days of your week into your job, so you deserve to be in a position that makes you feel satisfied and successful.

If you’re familiar with any of these thoughts and recognise yourself in these situations, it’s time to make a change. Put yourself in a position that will bring you joy, motivation and a fulfilling future. An exciting new career awaits you - you just have to grab it and make it yours!